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The Sky is Falling?

well, gone to a friends house for a couple of days and got two things to mention.

First would be that night me and a couple of others hung out at Lake McGregor in Carmel or somewhere. Saw entirely too many shooting stars for just a couple of hours time. And then there was that flash of light that I saw, but the others said it looked like a huge rip in the sky that closed back up. strange man. that creeped us all out. Must have been an extremely close shooting star??

Got my bike stolen from behind a friends house. No idea who did it, but everyones pointing fingers, saying this person done it, or that person done it. I don't know who did it, and honestly I don't really care. I got a another one to use from Buck and we fixed up a frame that he's using currently.

As long as I have a way to get around for now. Thing is, this bike is even better than the one I lost! XD It just lacks the shocks

Still waiting for this dang money order to show up so I can send this item out and get some essentials. Tracfone Minutes, tripod and some stuff

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