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Whats the news lately. well

First, the night before last we had THE most incredible storm ever. I mean it's like the worst I ever saw. It was actually 4 seperate storms about 10 minutes apart, each one severe with torrential rain and lots of lightning. Me and some friends were out too! but we didn't get wet. we had some shelter. It was bad though. Power was out all over, trees down. There was even talk of tornados having hit. I think thats just natures way of cleaning all the pollution out of the air though

I think a friend of mine, possibly former friend, finally cracked or had a nervous breakdown or something. People always said he was kind of crazy, but I never believed it. But now he's miserable and mad at everyone. He was even telling another friend that he had to lock his bike up so that I wouldn't steal it. When I heard this i was just shocked and insulted.

I GOT him that damn bike! in fact thats the second bike I got him! and now he claims he has to lock it up from me? and THEN he hangs around all the time with a crackhead degenerate who's stolen from him, lost TWO of his bikes, and spoke ill of all his friends. *shrugs* I don't know, but I think i'm just gonna have to explain to him that I won't be coming around him any longer.

It's not just what he said about me, it's the fact that he's generally just mad at everyone. He doesn't want to work, he doesn't want to follow through with any of his old plans, he barely even bicycles anymore. He just sits in his yard and mopes.

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