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New Camcorder!

Whoo! finally got it. it came in the mail today!

I managed to pick up a brand new Sony Handycam DCR-HC38. a nice mid-range cam that only cost me $170 as an open box deal.

40x optical zoom and 2000x digital XD. i'm gonna have some real fun with this

Electrc Cars on the roads!

Guess what I saw the other day? An Electric car! in person!

I was biking down from the library and I saw it go past. The quite hum of the electric motor. I think it was a GEM truck. One of those little white trucks.

I was so happy to see that, I waved and smiled =D When I get my camcorder, i'm going to try and interview her.

Try as they might, Big Oil can't stop the inevitable

Time for Keio!

Jeeze, after years and years of wondering what this game is like, I FINALLY get to play Keio Flying Squadron =D

For those of you that don't know what it is, it's basically a 2d r-type style shooter for sega CD. Old game, and definitely Japanese at heart. You ride around on a dragon and wear bunny ears. ._.

For those of you that HAVE played it. isn't it just crazy? If Pon has an IQ that high couldn't he just have built an ARK himself or something? ;p

But yeah, since i was a kid i wanted to play this. Soundtrack is just insanely good and pretty decent graphics for such an old game

The Sky is Falling?

well, gone to a friends house for a couple of days and got two things to mention.

First would be that night me and a couple of others hung out at Lake McGregor in Carmel or somewhere. Saw entirely too many shooting stars for just a couple of hours time. And then there was that flash of light that I saw, but the others said it looked like a huge rip in the sky that closed back up. strange man. that creeped us all out. Must have been an extremely close shooting star??

Got my bike stolen from behind a friends house. No idea who did it, but everyones pointing fingers, saying this person done it, or that person done it. I don't know who did it, and honestly I don't really care. I got a another one to use from Buck and we fixed up a frame that he's using currently.

As long as I have a way to get around for now. Thing is, this bike is even better than the one I lost! XD It just lacks the shocks

Still waiting for this dang money order to show up so I can send this item out and get some essentials. Tracfone Minutes, tripod and some stuff


Whats the news lately. well

First, the night before last we had THE most incredible storm ever. I mean it's like the worst I ever saw. It was actually 4 seperate storms about 10 minutes apart, each one severe with torrential rain and lots of lightning. Me and some friends were out too! but we didn't get wet. we had some shelter. It was bad though. Power was out all over, trees down. There was even talk of tornados having hit. I think thats just natures way of cleaning all the pollution out of the air though

I think a friend of mine, possibly former friend, finally cracked or had a nervous breakdown or something. People always said he was kind of crazy, but I never believed it. But now he's miserable and mad at everyone. He was even telling another friend that he had to lock his bike up so that I wouldn't steal it. When I heard this i was just shocked and insulted.

I GOT him that damn bike! in fact thats the second bike I got him! and now he claims he has to lock it up from me? and THEN he hangs around all the time with a crackhead degenerate who's stolen from him, lost TWO of his bikes, and spoke ill of all his friends. *shrugs* I don't know, but I think i'm just gonna have to explain to him that I won't be coming around him any longer.

It's not just what he said about me, it's the fact that he's generally just mad at everyone. He doesn't want to work, he doesn't want to follow through with any of his old plans, he barely even bicycles anymore. He just sits in his yard and mopes.

Meerkat Manor Ringtone!

I made a bit of a ringtone for you Meerkat fans out there XD

find it at www.wildlifeden.com/misc/meermp3.mp3

free of charge and available to all!

New Phone!

Got my new phone today :) A Tracfone W370. what a beauty. can't even tell is a reconditioned phone. looks crisp brand new.

what a deal too! the phone, charger, double mins for life and 20 starter minutes all for 35 bucks

In other news. Had a rather neat dream the other night. Someone gave me an electric motorcycle/scooter and I was riding it all over town, up through the park and all the way down towards the riverfront.

The only thing is that it was pretty old and banged up. and it only ran for like 20 mins ;p. that'd be good enough for me though.

Oy I can't wait to get some kind of electric mobile. screw gas and oil

Bike Ride

Went on a lengthy bike cruise with Alex yesterday. It was quite surprising to have him come over and invite me, after months of not even giving me the time of day practically.

Every time I go out along the wooded roads of this area it really makes me adore and prize this place. miles and miles of woods and meadows and lakes and sreams. I really MUST go out to that road again early in the morning with the camera. I'm sure to see something nice.

Uneventful 2 weeks

Yep, this is how boring my life is at such

We wants it!

Today I was walking around the park and this guys flies by me on a Motorized scooter. Thing was so quiet I had to shout to him "Is that electric?" Nice guy too, he stopped and went into detail about it.

A Yamaha Vino. wasn't electric, but it's a 2-stroke, 50cc engine that gets around 100 mpg. 100!! the best hybrids get half that ;p it'll go like 45-50 mph and here's the best part. 100% street legal!


here's a vid of one. they're like $800-$1,700

Trying to beat the high gas prices, get your hands on one of these puppies. That's what i'm gonna do, and i'm gonna try and hook it up with an electric motor as well.