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Ahh, nothing beats a ride down a forested road after a thunderstorm :)

Plus I saw another new sighting i never saw before. An Eastern Ribbon Snake. pretty!

New Meerkat Manor season!

What a day! I spent like 7 hours on my bike today, going all over. Went to the Library, rented Shooter. heard it was good ;p Came all the way back and went up Mine road to the very end, then all the way back down and THEN back up again!

Saw all kinds of things, including two Red Eft lizards ^_^ never saw them before. they're smaller than I thought. tiny! but they sure stand out. Saw a Raccoon, a Rat Snake (which I tried to save from the road but couldn't cause it was too aggressive. but it didn't get hit anyway!) and a little Garter Snake

In all the riding, I was lucky to come home right when Meerkat Manor came on. Brand new season. I loved it! despite the new Narrator. I thought she did ok. in about 30 mins Nightline will air with a segment about the show and an interview with a director of the East Coast Meerkat Society (of which i'm an official member *grins*)

I also noticed a lot of people are complaining about the prce of gas and the state of the economy, but no one does anything. At least I ride a bike, and probably saved hundreds of gas alone in the gas couple of months.


I never actually saw an Ermine up close. And I had no idea at all that they were around here....until I saw one dead in the road this morning  ;_;

Poor thing. they're so adorable, and one of my favorite animals. Had to at least get it out of the road and bury it under some leaves

Great Ride!

What a great ride I had today! went for a nice 2 hour long bike ride up the wooded mountain road. it's so beautiful, and there's hardly ever any traffic.

I saw a lot too for just a short ride like that. A Black racer or Rat snake, like 3 ft. long. Got a Painted Turtle out of the road, then turned around and saw a Deer behind me. ;p it was like a wildlife sanctuary.

The only car I saw was a nice sky blue Prius and on the way back down, a family of three Red Tail Hawks flew right over me. like 4-5 ft. up! it was like a movie or a magical moment

And all because I didn't have my camera.

I find that when I don't bring my camera out, I see all sorts of stuff. Foxes, Raccoons, eagles, lizards. but when I have the camera, I don't see a thing. even if i'm out all day. it may sound crazy, but it's like 100% accurate. maybe the camera is just bad luck, or something electrical in it gives off a signal. I seriously never saw anything when I had it on me.

I guess i'll carry it around less. I want to see more animals ;p i'd rather have that boost of inner peace than photos


Stupid squirrels broke a flower pot on the deck. But I love em anyway ;p

I have a family of Grey Squirrels living in one of the trees outside. They're getting to be quite tame and walk right up to me. I was tossing them a few popcorn kernels. then one jumped onto the rail and knocked the flower pot over and it broke ;_;

let that be a lesson to never put anything up on the rail


I just thought of a wicked idea for a small RPG I can make in RPG maker *grins* it's not a pretty subject, but it'll let the world know how I feel.

Won't be anything epic, maybe a couple of hours.

More to come!

Cleaning House

Whew! what a busy day. I gotta thank my brother for being such a damn nag ;p he really gets one motivated to do something. He came over again today and we went to Bear Mt. again to look for this person and ask about jobs. AGAIN we just missed him, but i'm headed over there tomorrow early to ask myself.

After we got home, we cleaned up the deck, weedwhacked around the yard and cleaned out the kitchen pretty good. there was loads of clutter and useless junk to be thrown out or recycled and now it looks so much better.

My brothers pretty anal about neatness and organization and he hassles me and mum constantly, but it pays off. I like it like that too but i'm usually too darn depressed to do anything. He reminds me though, of how this place looked when we first moved in, and that gets me wishing it could look like that again.

Well, no sense in breaking the stride. lots more to do. lets see if I can actually impress him next time he visits XD

Friendly Cat!

Today was interesting. My brother brought me around job hunting and we went to Bear Mt. to talk to this groundsperson about open positions. He wasn't there, but it turns out he lives right in this community where I live! and I know him ;p So thats a bonus.

Ran into a very VERY friendly white cat today walking up the hill though. Meowed a real lot, rubbed against me, and nibbled lightly. She's possibly in heat, but could have also been abandoned by her owners ;_; I hope not, I went onto yahoo answers to maybe get a bit more info. A few people said take her in. I would if I could, but I can't look after a cat.

I'll tell my neighbor to be on the lookout and see if I can't get a can or two of catfood to feed the poor thing. I'd hate to know she's starving out there.

First Entry!

I just watched Meerkat Manor: the story begins and decided to create a livejournal after someone in the AP forums mentioned posting a huge blog post about the movie ;p And what a wonderful movie it was. beautiful, poetic and a little bit sad to watch.

I actually wish I had made one up sooner, as there's been a lot of little things I would have liked to immortalize forever on the web ;p But I guess i'll start here so I don't miss any more interesting stories.

This actually isn't my first LJ, but it's been years now and this seems a lot different. I'll be linking this page in my website, which I still have yet to get around to finishing.

Check back from time to time for amatuer wildlife photos, interesting situations I run into, and updates on varous projects i'm planning.

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